Thursday, November 13, 2008


It's funny how the hectic things of life can make us value the simple even more.

Life has been, in the least, a whirlwind of uncertainly and upset of late. Lots of changes at church - good ones, but still unsettling as we all get used to the new normal. Life at home as been a blur as my daughter comes and goes to the city to work in the difficult environment of an inner city school under some administrators, who in my humble opinion, aren't very good at working with people.

Life at my office is uncertain as I wait to hear if I will have a position in the spring and can never get a definitive answer. Health issues swirl about - mine and others - a friend with breast cancer again, loss of an uncle to heart failure, the failing health of my parents and those of my friends' parents. Yep - life seems chaotic at best.

And yet, there are the simple things that give me pause and help me to remember that God is not, as I am so fond of saying, running around heaven saying, "oh my goodness, what will I do; I've lost control of Susan's life." This morning it was a simple bowl of oatmeal - not the little instant baggie size, but real, out of the good old Quaker Oats box, cooked oatmeal with raisins and walnuts. Not a bad find in a household that desperately needs to go to the grocery - enough raisins and walnuts and cinnamon to spice up the oatmeal to perfection. Then there was the quiet house to sit and eat it in and read my Bible as I prepare to leave for Washington for the Neuroscience meetings - AND I still have three hours at least before the cab picks me up to pack. May sound small to you - but these are big things to me - time, oatmeal, quiet.

And as I leave, I know my daughter is not only safely in His care, but safely in his care. I'm pretty grateful for these simple things that ground me to who I am and even more than that, to who He is.


Nathanial said...

Happy birthday my friend.

Andrew said...

Here's a special birthday message for you written in atomic numbers! You'll need a periodic table to decipher it.

102-5-8-66 53-16 33 27-8-l 3 39-8-92, 16-92-16-an!

Okay, I'll give you a break, even though you're probably surrounded by periodic tables at your neuroscience conference:

No-B-O-Dy I-S As Co-O-l As Y-O-U, S-U-S-an!

Ted M. Gossard said...


Happy birthday. Hope you can enjoy your time in D.C. and find it profitable.

Just thinking how eucharistos meaning thankful or grateful or gratitude has in it the word "grace" or charis. We always have so much to be thankful for because of all the gifts from God, especially so in Jesus.

But was thinking recently on how we're to give thanks when hit with those situations that might cause us anxiety (Philippians 4:6-7), and the promise in Jesus, there. And that we have to be proactive in this, and give thanks in everything as part of God's will for us in Jesus (1 Thessalonians 5). I'm working on that.

Have a great time! And will pray for your concerns listed here as we remember.

Every Square Inch said...

I stop by to check out your blog, comment and discover it's your birthday. Well - happy birthday!

And - enjoy DC!

Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

Thanks guys!

donsands said...

"--time, oatmeal, quiet."

Time & quiet are definitely a blessing. Oatmeal? I just never did like it. My brother would eat "I want my Maypo!", Maypo oatmeal in the morning. I never could understand that.

Happy B-Day Susan. I pray our Lord shall bless you with his presence in DC in wonderful ways, and perhaps even some new insights for you.

I'm actually right up Rte 95 about 40 minutes from DC.

BTW, Pastor Mark Dever's church is in DC, which I'm sure you know, but I thought I'd mention it just in case.

lorenzothellama said...

I didn't know it was your birthday Susan. Happy birthday anyway.

Mmm ... oatmeal .. walnuts ... honey ... Greek yoghurt etc.

Maalie said...

Happy birthday (presumably now belated) from continental Europe (yes, I bring my laptop with me!).

Ah, Quaker oats, the mainstay of my winter breakfasts before going out to do my fieldwork in icy conditions. I have given thanks, in my way, to the farmers whose toil provides us with sustaining food. And to the scientists that develop the most productive strains of oats.

I feel sure that your daughter's personal resourcefulness, together with the caring and loving upbringing that she has undoubtedly received, will ensure that she conducts herself carefully in a dangerous environement.

Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

Thanks guys! Leaving DC tomorrow night - and will be glad to be home!!!

lorenzothellama said...

Maalie! I hope your oats are not GM?

Maalie said...

No, they are wild oats.

Litl-Luther said...


Happy Belated B-Day!! I hope this year for you will be filled with God's greatest blessings, as well as His provision of all your needs, including a steady job you enjoy.


Maalie said...

Andrew, you could have gone Argon-Nitrogen in your last syllable.

lorenzothellama said...

Well I'm glad someone understood Andrew's message! I certainly didn't!

Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

Lorenzo, I knew it was a message, but I also knew I'd have to go find a chemical chart to decipher it!! So, I'm glad that he did so for me!!

Maalie, sorry dear, but remember, that topic is no longer up for discussion here.

lorenzothellama said...

Would it be off topic if I asked what Maalie said?!

Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

Yes, sorry my dear llama - but you're welcome to ask him on his blog if you want to.

lorenzothellama said...

I have asked him and he told me. If you want to see the video clip, go to my blog and follow through to Kiwi Nomad. I think she has done a couple of postings since. It is worth a watch.

I understand why you didn't want it on this particular posting but it may be relevant on a future one!

Love Lorenzo!

the word today is merrypop

Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

I saw enough with the title to not want to go further with it.

lorenzothellama said...

Hello Susan! It's cold, pelting down with rain and generally miserable here today! Hope it is better for you.

Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

Too cold for me, Llama dear - but at least sunshine!

Merisi said...

Happy Thanksgiving
and, belately, Happy Birthday,
may you always be blessed with health and joy!