Saturday, July 28, 2007

Having been tagged

Ted Gossard at Jesus Community has tagged me. I'm supposed to share 8 things about me - or my spouse - that most people don't know.

1. I don't have a spouse.
2. I'm not real happy about not having a spouse (my daughter says most people already know #1, #2 and they shouldn't count, but since Ted did most of his about his wife, I feel justified)
3. My very old (15) Shi Tzu barks (if she barks) like a beagle and she's mortified by thunder storms.
4. I'm actually quite an introvert.
5. I'm such a pushover, I buy my daughter one special kind of toilet paper because it's the one she really likes.
6. I just got really cool new glasses - aquamarine frames with violet side pieces - but way more mod than I am.
7. My undergrad degree is in Ag - I can actually farm, not just garden and drive a tractor. In fact, at one point I was certified to artificially inseminate cattle.
8. I have a tender heart and it really hurts me to hurt someone else - which I did unintentionally tonight - sorry ST.

Now I guess I'm supposed to tag some other people. I think I'll choose my daughter, because she hasn't posted in eons, my friend Andrew who can speak Turkish (well kindof), Abe who has a birthday coming up and better do this if he wants his homemade cheesecake birthday cake and Jen, who's going to the Phillipines and Japan for a mission's trip.


Ted M. Gossard said...

Susan, you actually did quite well on your list. Thanks for sharing more about yourself. I'm trying to imagine what your new glasses look like.

lorenzothellama said...

Brilliant list! I am SO impressed that you have drive a tractor and do proper agriculture.
Love Lorenzo.

mrs. craver said...

Wow, halhmom, this is tough for me but I did promise you . . . here's my reply . . .

I know I didn't get tagged but I thought I would put a small list down:
1) I get VERY nervous when I sing with the worship band during service.
2) I'm a terrible organizer.
3) It hurts me also to hurt someone else.
4) many people don't know this but I stutter.
5) I am very hard on myself.
6) I need to put more effort on my prayer life.

As for you, my friend, I'm so glad that you wrote all that about you and that I am getting to know you more, you truly are a dear!

lorenzothellama said...

Hey Susan, I've just tested my toe out. Been horse riding! My friend who is very brave talked me into coming with her.
I used to go riding a lot but lost my nerve and wimped out, but she put pressure on and I went for a lesson this afternoon. I CANTERED! Going again on Friday too. Toe did hurt I must say as the boots pressed down on my foot, but hey, am so excited!

Craver Vii said...

You can drive a tractor? Cool!

Let me add a couple things about Mrs. Craver. She's half-an-inch taller than her husband and she hates bananas.


L.L. Barkat said...

Oh, a farmer inside. I love farming, though I'm not so good at it!

lorenzothellama said...

Hey, you are a yogi too!!! Is there ANYTHING we've not got in common? I've just booked for a long weekend on Holy Island, Scotland at the end of October with my friend Wils.

Holy Island belongs to the Buddhists but is also ecumenical as Brother Lawrence is a great friend of Lama Yeshe who owns the place. I spent a fantastic week last year doing yoga and meditation and have been to Samye Ling, the Scotish Buddhist Centre to study meditation too. I just love the Buddhists, they are so very peaceful and loving and gentle.
Although I am a committed Christian and Catholic, my priest backs me on my Buddhist adventures, as he believes that many ways lead to God and we must go where our spirituality calls us and where we find ourselves.
I could tell you a lovely story about how the Buddhists first came to Holy Island if you would like me to?

Craver Vii said...

"Many ways lead to God," including Buddhism? You know, I never met a llama I didn't love, present company included, but doesn't this idea conflict with the teachings of Jesus? And I wonder how this priest, who is not just a follower of Jesus, but an elder and a shepherd... how he would come to such a conclusion.

Please forgive me if this comes across as contentious. It is not my intention to get rough. I just fear that a mistake in this area carries serious consequences.

"And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved." Acts 4:12

Mike said...

You can drive a tractor. That is something I have never done

Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

No Lorenzo dear, I am anything but a yogi - unless of course you are referring to Yogi Bear. Yoga is good for my back, which has some permanent damage from the long-ago auto accident. But today, it felt more like torture than great exercise. I can really tell when I miss a week of twice weekly classes!

As to Craver's comment, I will have much more to say shortly - but there is one grant standing in the way of the next post and I keep finding myself falling asleep everytime my body gets a chance so am having a bit of trouble staying focused long enough to think through exactly how to say what I want to write.

I remain bitter and jealous that I am not riding horseback too - but not of the broken toe - I've had two of those and I certainly wouldn't trade - not even for a good horseback ride.

bluemountainmama said...

special toilet paper, huh? maybe that's not being a push-over as much as doing nice things for the people you love. :)
i tend to buy the products i know my husband particularly likes.

i thing i'll just stick to gardening if #7 is a requirement to be an 'official' farmer! :)